lunes, 30 de noviembre de 2009

Sorry, I just love shinny, (so I'll keep posting thousands of sequins)

Alice in wonderland

Them, so natural

Love to see models in their natural ways, having fun, at backstage, having a snack...It reminds me how truly beautiful they are.


More about Sonia Rikyel for HM

miércoles, 25 de noviembre de 2009

Two red carpet outfits I actually like

No matter how much money they have, or how beautiful they are, it is always hard for me to find a red carpet look I like. After looking through a few webpages I've find two which are pretty good.
In the first place we find Monica Cruz wearing a Herve Léger dress. I have to say I have never liked this girl, I think she looks really cheap and she is not even a good actrees or anything. But maybe it's because it is very hard for me to find a Herve Léger dress which I don't like, I have to say this look is pretty great, and even more realising she finally forgot wearing her usual red lips which make her even cheaper.
In second place we can see Lidya Hearst wearing a D&G minidress. I'm not a fan of the dress at all but I really think it looks amazing on her!Actually it looks better on her than on that model.
So, no matter I do not like Monica or de D&G dress, I think the result in both cases is really good and deserves a good punctuation.

Clubbing: Black, short, shinny

Amica Italy December 09

One photographer, 3 issues: René Habermacher

Love the tree issues a lot, love all the work, and always loved to mix fashion with architecture.

martes, 24 de noviembre de 2009

Want a hot night?

TUSH #19

R.I.P Dau Kim

She was a very great model.
Stay in peace.

Perfect outfits IX