jueves, 14 de enero de 2010

Random, but love every detail, and the lighting

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  1. Amazing photos! Thanks for commenting on my blog, if you like it please follow. I just started following your's and it's lovely. So stylish.
    xx. Peach Princess

  2. si!yo tambien lo pensaba siempre y hace poco hicimos unos cambios en la casa y tengo dos!me encanta poner mucha ropa y bajo el calzado :)
    ah! el anillo lo puedes comprar en ASOS

  3. OMG, I envy Agyness know much, if only from afar. Are you studying at Central Saint Martins? That's the school where I would like to study my! Took months and months looking for information on requirements and so on, because I like to go next year. I follow you okey? Greetings, I often pass by my blog, I hope to be in touch with you!